Parent Talk

This 3 tape video series, offers practical tips, suggestions, and solutions to parenting problems and is based on question most asked by today’s parents.  Each volume of Parent Talk is $79.95, plus $5.00 shipping and handling.  Each video cassette comes with a 58 page Leader Guide.   VHS and DVD’s are now available!   Download an order form here.

Volume 1 “The Young Child-52 minutes
Topics include:    Crying Baby, Bottle Breaking, Mealtime Hassles, Hyperactivity, Toilet Training, Baby Sitters, Bedtime Hassles, Tantrums, Stimulating Infants Abuse, New Baby Jealousy, Imaginary Friends, Thumb Sucking, Stuttering, Child Whining, Kindergarten Readiness, Bedwetting,  Grandparents

Volume 2 “School Age Children”-53 minutes
Topics include:  Sibling Rivalry, Latchkey Kids, Spanking, Stress Relievers, Troubles at School, Divorce, Self-esteem, Pudgy Problems, Homework, No Friends, Tips on Allowance, Dealing With Loss, Attention Deficit Disorder, Talking About Sex & AIDS

Volume 3 “Teenagers”-54 minutes.  Topics include:  Parent or Friend, Skin Problems, Curfews, Step Families, Teens at Work, Time Management, Parent Stress. New Drivers, Love vs. Trust, Teens and Alcohol, Teen Loners, Curfew Conflicts, Steroids, “I’m Bored”, Financial Aid, The Silent Treatment, Why Teens Take Risks,  Reducing Arguments



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