Child Guidance & Classroom Management


This two part video presentation is designed to help early childhood professionals provide positive guidance for young children in developing self-discipline and in achieving expected outcomes in social development. This program helps teachers learn to cope positively with children who have challenging behaviors. It also emphasizes effective classroom management that prevents problems before they start, and provides parents with positive guidance strategies to use at home.

In Part 1 of the presentation, “Guidance & Management Training” you will join a staff training session in which classroom management and positive guidance strategies to prevent problems are discussed. Classroom setup and materials that aid good management are also presented.

Part 2, “Strategies in Action” presents the staff in a classroom setting as they demonstrate the many techniques discussed in Part 1 and show us other “on the spot” action strategies such as contracting, problem solving, peer reinforcement and diffusion

The complete training program is 121 minutes, on 2 videocassettes with Leader Guide.  $195.00 plus $5.00 S/H     Now available in both DVD & VHS formats.  Download an order form here.

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