Parenting DVD’s

Program Source has been creating and providing video training programs for Parent Educators and Childcare Organizations for over 15 years.  Our association with Evelyn Petersen, M.A. Family Life Education Expert and national award winning columnist, has helped us achieve high quality in childhood education programs. To our success, the “Parent Talk” video training series has been used by nearly 1800 Child Care  Organizations and Community Action Groups.  Her video presentations, such as “Effective Home Visits” and “Individualizing For Each Child” have been selected for use at over 700 childhood organizations.

Oevelynp_fur newest presentation with Evelyn, “Child Guidance and Classroom Management” will certainly help teachers learn to cope positively with children who have challenging behaviors and help teachers and parents with guidance strategies. A number of Indian Nations across the United States have purchased our programs. Two of our recent programs, “Individualizing For Each Child” and “Child Guidance and Classroom Management” were shot on location at tribal schools in northern Michigan. A number of Indian Nations across the United States have purchased our Head Start Training Videos.   To download a .pdf order form, follow this link.

Evelyn Petersen is an early childhood author and columnist with nearly 40 years of experience as a Head Start Consultant. She is the author of  books, including “A Practical Guide to Early Childhood Curriculum” and writes regular features for NHSA’s “Children and Families” magazine.


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